January 24, 2015

What’s happening at WTBC?

by Eric Sten
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Not a whole lot right now. Creating this site has been on my list of things to do for a while, just finally got around to doing it.

Changed the name of the brewery.  Westwood Water Tower Brewing Company was just too much to stay and isn’t exactly accurate any longer.  Changing the name to Watertower Brewing Company keeps the roots of the brewery but makes it easier to say/type/remember.  I hope nobody is upset with the name change. 🙂

Along with changing name comes updating the social media sites that I have for WTBC. This includes UNTAPPD and Twitter. The names have been changed to reflect the new brewery name, but Twitter still has the @WWTBC as who to follow. I will have to see how to change that if possible, in the future.

I will be working, as time permits, on adding information about my beers, what is fermenting, what’s in bottle, etc.  The site layout may also change depending on what I can and cannot do with the current WordPress theme.  So we shall all see what comes of this. 🙂

As always….. Relax & drink a homebrew!